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The average new born baby uses 2,555 nappies per year . Imagine spreading these around your backyard – this is SO MUCH LANDFILL! If you truly are so busy that you just can’t do cloth nappies and can afford disposables – then to reduce your damage to the planet you can invest in organic nappies that don’t harm your baby AND that also completely biodegrade.

NewbornAs I recently had a little girl last year, I decided I should probably update my blog with a biodegradable nappies review as it’s something that my beloved and I looked into to make sure we were putting safe nappies on her precious skin.

As we’re doing our best to live as safely and organically as possible – the first thing that one thinks about nappies is – how can I do this without harming my child or the environment??

When it comes to nappies the two biggest concerns that come to mind for any ‘green’ mum or dad are:

  1. The amount of landfill that disposable nappies take up.
  2. Not having any nasty ingredients on my new baby!


I found these organic nappy companies that seemed to be particularly good.


Organic Nappies Review: Bambo Nature

Bambo Nappies

The Bambo nappy core is biodegradable and the ingredients that go on the surface of these were some of the best that we could find. If you really struggle with the time of washing cloth nappies, but still want something that won’t harm your child – check the ingredients on Bambo – they’re pretty good.

EcoriginalsBiodegradable Nappies Review: Ecoriginals

I came across a couple named Lachlan and Lisa Laing here in Brisbane, Australia who after two years of research came up with a completely biodegradable nappy. I was so excited as soon as I heard about this as it basically solved my two problems above! This of course means I can live feeling much better about the footprint my baby and we as parents are leaving behind.


The discarded biodegradable nappy is made up of about 85 to 90 per cent biodegradable material compared to other existing products that biodegrade at a maximum of about 30%. The nappy is made of wood pulp and plant matter and the actual packaging the nappies come in is 100% biodegradable too! Wonderful! By the sounds of things Ecoriginals sounds more biodegradable than the Bambo nappies above.

The only parts of the nappy which are not biodegradable are the adhesive magic tape and sticky tabs, and the elastic used in the cuffs to draw the nappy in around the legs however they are determined to make a 100% biodegradable nappy into the future. 🙂

The nappies are $13.95 per bag here in Australia and are available in four sizes. Visit to support these guys and learn more about this wonderful green product. Well done Lachlan and Lisa!


Biodegradable Nappies Review: gNappies or gDiapers

For those in Europe, UK and the USA check out these. They have a cloth insert which clicks in and you can then just keep washing or throw away to decompose. This way what you throw away is 100% completely biodegradable. Very smart.


AVOID Huggies!

HuggiesDon’t be fooled by cute little pictures of Weenie the Pooh and Eeyore. Huggies have an interesting statement on their website claiming how ‘things don’t biodegrade much anyway’ and so rather than changing the materials of their nappies they have reduced the size of the nappy as their way of contributing to less landfill.


Sorry Huggies – maybe check out this video from gNappies. gNappies liners are GONE in 2 months. Check it out below!

Perhaps Huggies should look into the ingredients that Ecoriginals and gNappies use and actually put some more effort into moving toward a more sustainable way of containing our babies poop (and saving millions of tonnes of waste).

Another note on Huggies – I was in the supermarket just the other day and reading the ingredients of some of their baby wipes. With preservatives like methylparaben and methylisothiazolinone there is no way I want those wipes within ten feet of my new baby. I haven’t actually checked the ingredients of their nappies but that’s enough for me to not want to support this company in any way.

For those in Australia check out to get some great specials on bulk orders of eco nappies like Bambo and Ecoriginals. That’s where we get ours from.


Be Healthy! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Organic & Biodegradable Nappies Reviews

  1. Have you reviewed Moltex nappies? Sold online from eco direct. I use cloth for the most part but use these at night time and when we are away from home for long periods of time. I am keen to try ecooriginals as I was trying to choose between them and Moltex, but based on customer reviews I decided to go with Moltex. Would be keen to read your review on them.

    • G’day Jess. I saw this on the Moltex site:

      Is the eco nappy biodegradable?

      The outer protective layer of the Moltex eco nappy is 100% biodegradable and the inner layer is 40% biodegradable. The inner core of the nappies are compostable and have been composted successfully for many years.

      From what I’ve learned from Ecoriginals they are 85% biodegradable completely – so they may be better? Moltex sound like a good option as well too (much better than Huggies anyway).

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