The Global Warming Myth. Seriously??



Odds are that if you have found your way to, or are a regular visitor of my website—that you are an environmentally responsible individual, who understands the need for concern regarding global warming and climate change.

For quite a few years now I have heard this idea that global warming is a myth, and that many scientists in fact disagree with it. Perhaps this may have been slightly truer a couple of years ago with the amount of data we had then, but in more recent times however there is an absolute overwhelming consensus that global warming is very very real. In reality – some politicians who say global warming is a hoax is a way for them to continue to support oil and car companies and make money.


Saving the environment is a term which is slightly incorrect. Our environment will certainly survive – however it is us as human beings who won’t unless we change our way of doing things. There is a misinterpretation in the media that natural disasters are isolated events from climate change but if you look more closely at the mounting evidence you will see this is not the whole picture at all. We are not separate from nature – we are part of nature. We are living in disharmony with the planet with one of the main reasons being our dependency on fossil fuels.

SuzukiGovernments worldwide generally do not take the whole environmental crisis as seriously as they focus more on the economy as a priority first – though one can only hope this will significantly change in the future. The industrial revolution meant nature was converted to a resource that you could ‘own’ and as something ‘eternally abundant’ which obviously isn’t the case. We are now paying the price for that.

To tackle global warming, most countries which include Australia have signed an international treaty – the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).  The main purpose of the UNFCCC is to consider what can be done to reduce global warming, and to cope with whatever temperature increases are inevitable. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the UNFCCC, which commits its parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets. In Paris in December last year at the UN Climate Change conference all countries agreed to work together to respond to the global challenge of climate change.

The ‘carbon tax’ was introduced by the Gillard Government in 2012 and was in operation until the middle of 2014. It required entities which emit over 25,000 tonnes of CO2 per year to pay $23 per tonne. Nine months after the introduction of the tax carbon emissions fell by 1% which is equivalent to approximately 360,000,000 tonnes of carbon. I feel taking away this carbon tax was a grave mistake.


Global Warming: A Myth?

“It is the art of an educated man who can entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

It is good to question everything and I highly recommend it. While it might be difficult for you or me to discount the overwhelming research to fathom that global warming is a fabricated concept, it is important that we can understand what people are talking about when they say that global warming isn’t real. Understanding both sides is essential for clearing up misunderstandings.

Some who doubt climate change believe that God is in control, and that there is simply nothing that humans can or can’t do to effect change. In other words, why “go green” if God will just do as He wishes anyway? This includes some political leaders, such as Texas Congressman Joe Barton in the US, who was quoted as stating:

“I would point out that if you’re a believer in the Bible, one would have to say the Great Flood is an example of climate change and that certainly wasn’t because mankind had overdeveloped hydrocarbon energy.”

It’s been said that every great scientific truth goes through three phases:

  1. People deny it.
  2. Then they will say it conflicts with the bible.
  3. Then they say they’ve known it all along.

Some people simply lack the capacity to comprehend anything other than their small window to the world. Many do not have the resources to travel, or even the interest to learn about anywhere other than the environment that they live in. In other words, “my home town is alright—so the whole world must be fine too.” This limited perspective applies not only to environmental concerns, but to cultural differences, religious differences, and even the types of food we eat.

Any time there is a new scientific concept, there are always skeptics who want to hang on to what makes them comfortable, or they like to believe something because it supports what they want (like selling coal).


Global Warming and Its ‘Conflicting’ Scientific Statistics

NASA Graph



NASA’s research on climate change is very compelling, yet it doesn’t matter what the topic of choice is, or how strong the statistics might be—there will always be a scientist, expert, or set of statistics to the contrary. Combine that with how easy it is to post false information online, and how few people know how to identify a legitimate news source—and you can almost understand how some can believe that global warming isn’t for real. Without going right into the huge amount of scientific data which supports global warming, the main reasons global warming is considered highly likely is due to:

  1. Melting glaciers in polar regions
  2. Rising sea levels
  3. Methane emission
  4. Storm activity
  5. Droughts and heat waves
  6. Loss of biodiversity
  7. Ecosystem Extinctions


Global Warming in Australia

For those of us in Australia – here is a great short documentary on climate change and how sea levels will effect Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide by 2100.

We are at a critical point time in time where we must do something drastically or it will be too late. Global warming is real, it is destructive and it will be absolutely devastating if we do not make more of an attempt to do something about it. Once we lose total control of our climate our world will be a much worse place to live in than it is now. As human beings we are so self absorbed on our tiny window of the world and one can only hope that as nature continues to show us the signs of our actions we can at least take the whole issue more seriously. A carbon tax is one hell of a good start.


Trust Yourself Before Anyone Else!

I know without a doubt that the strength of the sun now, compared to when I was a kid definitely burns my skin more quickly, so I’ve never really doubted that global warming isn’t real. Also when I hiked to the top of Island Peak in Nepal a few years ago I was amazed to hear that soon this peak won’t be available to climb soon because all the snow and ice is melting. As I don’t watch TV I’m not subject to the incredible amount of propaganda that the masses are constantly fed every day. You probably agree the government doesn’t really care about our health or our planet, but the point I wanted to make for you is to simply trust yourself with issues like these.  The same goes with everything in life actually – don’t just be a sheep and actually think for yourself.


Live Powerfully! 🙂



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6 thoughts on “The Global Warming Myth. Seriously??

  1. Thank you Luke yes I am a strong supporter of global warming! Your article was excellent and important. My family doesn’t believe me or the media but its real and we must try to do everything we can!! This is an urgent matter we need to all take seriously.

    • Damn straight Lois and I feel the same. I’m supporting the Greens in this election. 🙂

  2. I knnnoooowww!!!! It’s crazy how people can comparmentalize and just sort of push environmental issues aside when a lot of times it’s fairly easy to switch to a greener lifestyle. Less plastic packaging. Second hand instead of new when possible. Organic food. Walk places. It’s all the small steps that add up to big differences. I know a lot of people (and am guilty of this myself sometimes, too!) who just say, “oh, the scientists will fix that….” (i.e. the fossil fuel problem.) Seriously, folks. I’d like there not to be a climate disaster anytime soon…..

    • Awesome comment Rebecca – yeah I feel the same. Sometimes I wonder if everyone is kind of asleep?

  3. There is always opposite views on everything. Take coconut oil for an example. I READ ALL THIS GREAT STUFF ON HOW GOOD IT IS FOR YOU AND YOU SHOULD HAVE IT IN YOUR DIET AND COOK YOUR FOOD IN IT AND EVEN EAT IT OFF THE SPOON. SOOO little Robyn does the right thing and goes and buys a huge jar of it and is quite happy doing all those things. Yesterday I read an article on oils .Boy here is what it had to say about coconut oil! Maria Packard a famous dietitian says that it has a high smoke point so it is good for cooking! Great! but wait for it it contains some anti oxidants ‘ But, it is pretty much pure fat–it’s around 90% SATURATED FAT THAT INCREASES UNHEALTHY CHOLESTEROL [LDL ] so use it occasionally and sparingly! That large jar of coconut oil will last me for ages! lol!! Just in case some of you think I AM MAKING THIS UP I took it from an article called Well Oiled Informed Choices by Maria Packard and you can read it for yourself in the latest Chemist Warehouse The House of Wellness magazine[ June edition] page 14. Extra virgin olive oil is the pick of the bunch!

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