I find the whole issue of GMO‘s unbelievably concerning – and it really confirms with me my suspicion that the whole world has gone completely mad! (although it’s still a beautiful place of course!) 🙂 I simply don’t understand how companies like Monsanto can do this and also get away with it!


What The Hell Is A GMO And Why Should I Care?

GMO CropsErr.. you need to care. A GMO is a genetically modified organism. They can also be referred to as GM (genetically modified) or GE (genetically engineered) organism. It’s all the same. Back in the day, a farmer would sow his seeds and the result would be a crop full of plants – rice, soy beans etc. TODAY (that’s right today) for biotech companies and in the big SCIENTIFIC world of pesticides things are a little bit different. Our food is made in a lab!

Health has declined since GMOs were introduced into our food, farmers have lost their properties as the Agri giants have taken over, and billions of animals are being loaded with even more antibiotics to stop the illnesses associated with the GMO food we are feeding them. It’s like a cocktail for disaster 🙁

The four biggest GMO makers in the world are Monsanto, Dupont, Dow and Syngenta and these companies are making an absolute killing (pardon the pun) with their sales going from


How Do You Make A GMO?

These seeds of plants are genetically made in a laboratory by ‘splicing’ genes. This changes their genetic makeup (what they are made of). They add genes from other species thus making combinations of plant, bacterial, animal and viral genes that WOULD NEVER occur in nature. For example you can mix the gene of a fish with a tomato. This freak science can do the following types of things..


  • Make Plants Pesticide Proof. They place the pesticide (INSIDE THE GENE OF THE SEED) so that bugs won’t eat it. This is used particularly with Corn, cotton, soybean and canola. Yum!


  • Create A Plant Resistant To A Virus. For example, the Papaya plant has been genetically modified to resist the ringspot virus.


  • Delayed Ripening After Picking. For example, they can delay tomatoes from going red immediately so that they can store them for longer before they are eaten.


  • Increased Nutrient Value. It’s believed nutrients can be increased through GM food although many independent studies have found this not to be true.


Where Are GMO’s Found?

GMO’s are found in wholefoods such as rice, wheat, soybeans, sugar beets and potatoes etc. In the USA approximately 80% of PACKAGED food contains GMO’s being used as preservatives. As I wrote about in my book Mummy Why Is There Petrol In Our Shampoo? a lot of GMO’s are used as fillers too. And fantastic for us – GMO’s are here in Australia! Woohoo!!


For some enjoyable GMO education check out this video below:


Why GMOs Are A No Go!

1. The environmental pollution from GMO’s spreads from the wind and rain. This means there is additional contamination of the soil, and many other organic crops. It’s like nature is being screwed over from these big companies and NO-ONE GAVE THEM PERMISSION they have just gone and done it!

2. You’re eating MORE and MORE pesticide. Companies like Monsanto sell both the genetically modified seed  AND loads of  their pesticides to farmers. They also patent their seeds so that farmers MUST buy from them every single year. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crops are genetically engineered to be immune to it so that weeds get destroyed without killing farmers cash crops. Of course though, nature can’t be tamed and now there are Roundup resistant weeds which means that farmers must apply EVEN MORE PESTICIDE (more money for Monsanto).

3. They have not been proved TO BE SAFE. When a drug is to be approved it must go through very strict safety evaluations, but GMO Foods don’t. There is no way to say GMOs are safe for human consumption and there is plenty of independent research to suggest things like food allergies, organ toxicity, animal fertility issues, kidney and liver disruptions are linked to GMOs. We are like lab rats!


GMO Cartoon


The Labelling Of GMO Foods


GMO Food Labelling Cartoon


In 2012 in America the Just Label It campaign managed to get a historic 1,000,000 signatures from people who all wanted their genetically modified foods labelled. Unfortunately the FDA counted them as 1 vote? How does this make any sense? As a result they lost. Michael J. Fox was behind their campaign..


Thankfully we are able to label GMO’s here in Australia – but don’t think that means you are not necessarily eating them without you knowing! They are most likely sneaking in the processed food in your pantry right now. The only real way you can be sure that you’re not eating them is obviously to eat purely organic food. This is also the reason why companies like Miessence developed the world’s first certified organic skin care range. To be sure you are getting truly natural products which are organic and GMO free, look for the USDA or Australian Certified Organic logos. This is the only way you can know for sure.


Do We Need GMO’s like Monsanto Tell Us We Do?

Not really. The whole idea of creating food like this so we can feed the overpopulating planet is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Roughly a third of the food produced worldwide never gets eaten. As much as 40% of America’s food supply ends up in the bin. So what’s the bigger problem here? Is the problem we can’t produce enough food or does Monsanto not have enough money? Most likey the latter..


GMOs In The Movie ‘Food Inc’.

GMOs were covered extremely well in the movie Food Inc.


Make GMOs a no go zone in your diet. Go organic and march against Monsanto.

Be healthy. 🙂



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8 thoughts on “OMG GMO!

  1. This is a fantastic piece Luke. Thank you for sharing. Not only does it spell things out so you can see the problems with GMOs, but does it in a way that is informative and clear. I really appreciate this work. 😉 keep it up!

    • My pleasure Angela – thankyou.. and I really appreciate everything you do with informing people about GMO’s.. It’s awesome work as well. 🙂

  2. Aiy, Luke! Couldn’t agree more about GMOs, and labeling in the States. One of the happy by-product benefits of moving to the UK has been the real food. 🙂

    • Ha ha wow, that’s full on isn’t it Lacey. It’s hilarious how you say ‘real food’ because that’s the reality isn’t it. Thankyou.

  3. I agree Luke ! It’s so frustrating living in North America where food doesn’t have to be labelled. Thanks for the informative blog, I’ll be sure to share.

    • Thanks Tenielle – it really shocks me that they don’t have to label it. Surely this is breaking some kind of law or something and yet it still happens. We deserve to know what’s in our food. The reality is that if people did know what GMO’s really were, they wouldn’t eat them! But Monsanto and these other companies don’t want the masses to know what GMOs really are because then they wouldn’t buy them! What an outrage! 🙁

  4. Awesome article Luke!! GMO’s are something that have infiltrated the food supply and are doing so much harm. Its important to stay informed and be proactive. I look forward to a future without GMO’s and without companies like Monsanto.

    • Hey Eliane – I agree! That sounds like a much better future to me. Leave our food alone – please my god, just leave it alone!?

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