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You hear it all the time – ‘Organic food is way too expensive’ or ‘I agree eating and using organic products is so important but we just can’t afford it.’

And then these same people will then go out and spend $5 on a latte, and not even think twice about it!


Perhaps organic living really isn’t that important to these types of people.


Here are some good tips to live an organic lifestyle on a budget for those who really ARE serious about it.


Vegie GardenStart Your Own Vegie Garden!

Our tomatoes have gone crazy this year. Make sure to use a bit of horse or cow poo to really watch your garden thrive. If you don’t have a backyard, you can plant a herb pot in your kitchen or somewhere convenient so you can always have your herbs easily accessible. Seeds are cheap and they are easy to get from your local wholefoods store or nursery. Some of the more easier things to grow are onions and tomatoes.

We also have four lovely chickens in our backyard and we adore them. I’m a vegan but as I know our chickens are SO LOVED, I have absolutely no problem eating their eggs. Finding an egg is also always so exciting! It’s like Christmas every day!


BudgetAnalyse Your Current Spending On Food.

How much do you spend on food every week? Do you eat out more than you should or unnecessarily buy from the convenient store which is more expensive? Are trips to the vending machine a regular occurrence? All these little things count.

If you cut all these things back, you will find that you CAN afford organic produce. You will be amazed, I guarantee it. Just put some attention and energy on what you are spending already and you will make it happen!


Bulk GrainsBuy Organics In BULK Amounts!

Again – it’s about bringing attention to every dollar. If you buy your organic products and food in BULK you will again be amazed how affordable living organically can be. Buy a BIG seasonal vegie box too. Any food that lasts for ages such as ALMOND MILK or GRAINS for example can all be bought in BULK. You don’t have to worry about waste because it just won’t happen. Bulk buying means that you are really shopping LONG-TERM and that’s what is really required if you’re going to seriously do this. Get your Miessence certified organic products on autoship so that you can receive FREE products and get bigger discounts too.


Farmers MarketFarmers Markets

Your local farmer’s market is SO MUCH cheaper and fresher than the supermarket. Although not all their food may be organic (always pays to ask!) they really are the best source for fresh in-season produce. It is also great to support local businesses and farmers.

Buying in SEASON is always CHEAPER too. You can even freeze food to save for later on which can work really well with soups.

A great tip I heard from my friend Sarah recently was if you are the last person to leave the farmer’s market you will often catch all the farmers slashing their prices to get rid of their stock so they do not have to take their produce back to their farm. If you can work out what time the market closes, you can always plan to arrive about half an hour before hand and clean up nicely. 😉

We order the BIG organic vegie box from Aussie Farmers Direct which cuts out the middle men and really helps out our poor farmers who are having such a terrible time out there. What’s great with Aussie Farmers is that they deliver straight to your door too which is perfect if you are someone who is often strapped for time (which is basically everyone right!)


Sad CowMeat is EXPENSIVE!

Of course as a vegan I must advocate to have some meatless meals! Obviously I don’t agree with how these poor cows are treated but also remember that meat is EXPENSIVE! We can get protein from many other sources (such as the Miessence Complete Protein Powder), so why not include a couple of vegetarian options in your menu each week. You’ll save money! Often at home, my beloved will make a vegan meal for myself and our guests and they won’t even know it’s vegan! This is because it’s just absolutely delicious (and she is a pretty amazing cook I must admit).


So there you go. You can live organically very easily – so stop saying you can’t. Don’t be a $5 latte cry baby.

Be Healthy. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “How To Make Organic Living Easy & Affordable

  1. I love your article Luke!! I thinks its so important to buy organic food and use organic products. Organics can sometimes seem a little more expensive, but most people don’t realize that organics include the entire cost within the product. In food that contains pesticides and chemicals there are many additional costs(like environmental cleanup costs, damage to our ecosystems, damage to our health(and farmers health who use them), loss of seed heritage, animal testing and potential harm to our health caused by eating pesticides and absorbing chemicals in our personal care. If all these costs were included into all the non organic products people buy, organics would be a lot cheaper. Supporting organics also feels good! You support local farmers, you help the sustainability of our Planet and you feel vibrant and healthy eating things that improve your health and really make a difference.

  2. Yeah well that’s exactly right Eliane. There are HUGE COSTS to not living organically. I guess the problem is that the general public doesn’t actually SEE THESE COSTS – yet.. Thanks for your great insight. I really value your support too!

    • Ha ha yes Tenielle – it is the best watching the Earth make us food!

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