MLM Prospecting for idiots. Critical Success Factor #4

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This is Critical Success Factor #4 in being successful with MLM attraction marketing on the Internet and it’s to do with MLM prospecting. To see Critical Success Factor #3 just click here — Marketing Multi Level Tip: Be the Hedgehog. I feel if you miss just one of these critical success factors in being successful with attraction marketing – YOU WON’T SUCCEED!! PERIOD! Around 90% of people give up with Internet Marketing in trying to generate network marketing leads, so if you don’t want to be one of those make sure you watch each of these videos.


MLM Prospecting 101:

How to put your prospects through a process on the phone.

1. Build rapport – find an area/topic to connect.

2. Find out what their problems/why are in Network Marketing.

3. Show them the solution (use attraction marketing)

4. CLOSE THEM into your attraction marketing system.

Your MLM Prospecting skills will definitely improve with time.

Speaking to prospects is a SKILLSET, and I believe ANYONE can do it. YOU GET BETTER AT IT, as you keep going. Don’t give up with it, just keep making calls and in time, you will become a MASTER CLOSER. A closing NINJA with MLM prospecting.

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4 thoughts on “MLM Prospecting for idiots. Critical Success Factor #4

  1. Awesome tips, Luke! Speaking to prospects is definitely a skill set, and I believe the more you practice it, the better you will become! As always, thanks for sharing such great insight!


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