Unleash 2016 EcoPreneur Conference


Following the 5 day Miessence getaway I spent two days at the “Unleash” ecopreneur event! It was full of beautiful ethical discussions on using business to really – and I mean REALLY make some positive change on the planet. Everyone at the event was on the same page and all I could keep thinking was ‘I’m home’.



The organic farm share bus was here – which I actually found out is how they deliver their organic produce. It’s full of big fridges! Very cool.




Narelle gave us a factory tour of the Miessence factory. I had a tour a few years ago, but it was really exciting to see what they’re up to now and what’s happening. For the record – it was the end of the day and there were some organic alcoholic beverages brought out. Narelle is having an organic cidar as you can see below. 😉





Miessence mouthwash

Certified organic mouthwash anyone?


This bottle of certified organic rose essential oil is from a 3rd generation farm in Bulgaria and costs Miessence $20,000! Miessence is just such amazing QUALITY!




The image below is how their JUST IN TIME system works. Unlike 99.9% of other cosmetic companies which use synthetic and toxic preservatives to store their products in warehouses for years, Miessence products sit on the shelves for a maximum of 2 weeks! Don’t think Miessence products won’t last at home either – most have an expiry of 2 years! And that’s with completely natural certified organic ingredients!!






I got a sneak preview of the new Miessence FAST Weightloss Superfood product which is coming out in a few weeks. 1,600 units have sold already! I found the taste to be fine – and probably a bit less potent than the other Miessence superfood products. Lose 3kg in 3 days!




The photo below is of myself and two of my friends (reps) Carmel and Marie, along with the founders of Miessence – Narelle Chenery, Colin Chenery and Alf Orpen. I LOVE Miessence. I love everything about it. The last 7 days have been just frigging awesome!! 🙂





Thanks for reading about the 2016 Unleash EcoPreneur weekend. Definitely contact me if you’d like to find out more about this amazingly ethical enterprise.




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