Narelle Chenery From Miessence Interviews Bill Statham!


After speaking with Chemical Maze author Bill Statham at an event last month I was happy to hear that Narelle Chenery – founder & formulator of Miessence was doing an online interview with him about his work.


Navigating The Chemical Maze


Bill Statham SmallBoth Narelle and Bill’s journeys have been quite similar. Similar in that they both discovered the horrifying ingredients that are in our personal care products and our food and then actively did something about it. Narelle created the world’s first certified organic skin care line back in 2001 and Bill wrote a book to guide people as to what these long winded chemical names actually are. They are both on the same mission – to educate people about what’s really in our food and cosmetics.



Narelle Chenery WhiteIn the interview below the main topics that are discussed include:

  • What’s really in our cleaning products
  • How air fresheners are one of the worst things people can use
  • The worst food colouring that should be avoided at all costs (and which has a warning in the EU and UK but not here in Australia!)
  • Why we can’t rely on the regulators, government and industry to look after our health
  • Why it’s so difficult to change the preservative laden foods that go into our school canteens


Check it out!

Be Healthy. 🙂




Visit to grab your copy of Bill’s book or grab the Chemical Maze app from the itunes store for your phone.



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