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gymea eco retreatI currently just finished my time at the 2016 Miessence getaway at the Gymea Eco-Retreat and Spa in Uki, northern NSW. The venue was such a suitable place for Miessence to hold their getaway as Gymea was the winner of multiple sustainability awards for business. The centre is run solely on rain water, there is 33kW of solar power to power the site, the sheets and towels are all organic cotton and the soap in the rooms was all certified organic. From every angle – everything about the place was a perfect fit for Miessence.

I flew into the Gold Coast airport and then caught a shuttle bus with the other reps approximately 40 minutes south to arrive at Gymea. I was fortunate to be one of the top ten representatives to make it on the trip – although this year any rep was allowed to attend by paying their own way if they really wanted to come. This year’s company getaway was much different from Cambodia last year – as the real focus on this one was for a full detoxing and awakening experience more so than a trip to an exotic destination. This trip and timetable particularly really fits in with Miessence’s company culture. Good for the mind, body and soul!


The view when I stepped out my room :)

The view when I stepped out my room 🙂


image1The first night we arrived to our welcome dinner to find that the meal was to be our last ‘solid’ meal for the 5 days, as for the remaining of the trip we were going on a ‘juice fast’ drinking green smoothies and juices for EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Every juice/green smoothie contained a teaspoon of the Miessence superfoods such as InLiven, Deep Green, Berry Radical or the vegan Miessence protein powder. It’s fair to say some were a little disheartened to hear about this news as some do love their food, however everyone seemed to be quite brave and took it in fairly good stride. As well as the unexpected ‘colonic’ appointment booked in – from the very beginning the trip certainly was already full of surprises! I was excited to meet one of my newly joined reps – Carmel had managed to make it with her husband Ian. It was so lovely to meet them both.

miessence getawayMiessence Getaway Day 1 – The wake up bell went off at 5:30am for some meditation, followed by the morning juice, about 2 hours of Yoga, a green smoothie, spa and massage, another green smoothie, a sharing session to meet everyone, another 2 hours of Yoga, green smoothie for bed and then a 90 minute singing bowl session. I was pretty exhausted from the first day of fasting and had a headache which kept lingering around. I slept well though.


DAY 2 – On the second day after only consuming 4 green smoothies on the first day, I woke up feeling very tired and quite lethargic. Interestingly – my body was getting everything it needed so it was really only my mind’s conditioning to more regular meals. Wandering up the hill to do some meditation at 6:15am was a bit of a struggle – but once I sat down to meditate and focus on my breathing I felt much better. Having completed a number of Vipassana meditation retreats I’m quite used to this horrible hunger feeling – but at least on a ten-day Vipassana retreat you get FULL meals. I’d never done a juice fast like this before!


gymea-spaAfter our morning smoothie I had my first ever ‘colonic’ and if you don’t know what that is I won’t explain (throw it into google to learn more), but I can’t describe how incredible I felt afterwards. Following this I had a sauna/steam room/chilly plunge pool experience and by this stage started to feel so GOOD. Everything from the smoothies detoxing your system, the sweat from the sauna releasing toxins out, the magnesium in the magnesium pool soaking into me, to the Yoga clearing my mind and body really helped me to feel so amazing by this point.

Narelle Chenery – the formulator of the Miessence products gave us a lecture after this on the gut – and it’s importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping away dis-ease. She discussed in great detail her InLiven probiotic powder and also Fast-Tract. A tip for reps and customers regarding the two probiotics – In Liven has a ‘prebiotic’ the food for the bacteria where as the Fast-Tract has just the ‘probiotic’ – the bacteria itself. When using these incredibly high grade probiotics to start with, it’s worth taking the In-LivenFast-Tract first (at least one bottle) and then follow up with regular use of the InLiven. Ongoing – Narelle recommends to have about one bottle of Fast-Tract per year. Also after taking anti-biotics make sure you get stuck into these two probiotic products from Miessence to load up the good guys in there! Miessence probiotics have super tough bacteria – strong and tough enough to make it into your gut unlike other cheaper probiotics out there. Bacillus Coagulans is one of those super bugs! 🙂 Following Narelle’s talk we did another 2 hours of Yoga – and by this stage I was really feeling the deeper effects of it now. I managed to do a headstand in Yoga which I was quite proud of too!

image2DAY 3 –  We started the day with quite a long silent bushwalk and then another 90 minute Yoga session. Following that some swam in the magnesium pool and we had some free time. I actually relaxed reading a book for a while and then listened to Narelle’s talk on Fulvic Acids. Following this Colin took us for a Taiji class (see photos below). Colin Chenery – founder of Miessence taught us Yoga and Taiji for the whole trip! His level of knowledge, discipline and focus is quite impressive I must say!



Gymea Eco Retreat


In the evening we did a sound and movement session which ended up pretty WILD! It was fantastic to see everyone come out of their shells and really get into it!


Click here for my post on days 4 & 5 of the Miessence Getaway. It got even better towards the end!



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