2015 Cambodia Miessence Getaway – Days 1 & 2


Susaday! (Cambodian for hello). I’m feeling very grateful and quite accomplished right now while I sit here in my hotel room in Cambodia writing this blog post! As one of the top 12 reps in Miessence to be included on the 2015 Miessence Getaway in Cambodia -all flights, accommodation and activities are all paid for 5 whole days! I’m so happy I found Miessence which is exactly the type of no pressure, certified organic MLM that I’ve always been looking for. I really feel like I’m home. Having been only with the company for two years I’m so glad that all my hard work over the last 24 months has paid off! I’m feeling GOOD! Alf Orpen – one of the founders of Miessence requested I do a short video on why I chose Miessence (One Group) and also on how I got to Cambodia which they published on their website here: http://news.miessence.com/201510/people.html


Miessence Getaway Day 1: Flights & Arrival


Cambodia Boarding PassI flew from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (9 hours) with a 3 hour wait, and then from there to Siem Reap (1 hour). Miessence managed to match up myself with Fleur Durham (a Miessence rep from Adelaide) and her sister and I so we could sit next to each other on the plane. Though I had never met Fleur before we had an instant connection with our desire for healthy lifestyles, passion for sustainability and love for organics. I felt like we’d known each other for years! In fact that’s basically the same way I feel with ALL other Miessence representatives – we are all on the same page.

Miessence arranged an aiport pick up from Siem Reap airport and after some wild and wacky (but standard) Cambodian bus driving we arrived at the beautiful Angkor Wat Hotel (below).

Cambodia HotelThe rooms, pool, spa, lobby are just stunning and the hotel has a lovely lemongrass smell throughout. Fleur, her sister and I were absolutely delirious by the time we arrived at the hotel and were finding it difficult to even string sentences together! At check-in we were given some Miessence goodies from the company including a Miessence Bushflower Body Spray, Miessence sunscreen (Reflect Outdoor Balm), Miessence lip balm and in the trial sizes we were given a body cream, mint Miessence toothpaste, Sunflower Body Wash, Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner (of no use to me), Desert Flower Shampoo (also of absolutely no use to me – but I’m sure my beloved at home will be very grateful). We also got a Vitality Challenge which includes Miessence In Liven (to help with stomach bugs here), Miessence Berry Radical and Miessence Deep Green. My products are shown here:

Miessence Cambodia Gift Pack


Cambodia RoomAfter a massive day of flying I certainly looked forward to a quiet hotel room with an enormous king size bed and after some quiet Vipassana meditation I slipped off into the land of nod.


Miessence Getaway Day 2: Miessence Conference Day

I woke up at 9am Melbourne time (5am Cambodian time) did some meditation and then did a couple of laps in the gorgeous pool here at the Tara Angkor Hotel (shown below).

Cambodia PoolWhile swimming in the pool I really felt so happy to be here – and so accomplished and abundant while looking around at the most beautiful tropical trees and massive butterflies fluttering around the pool. It is extremely humid here in Siem Reap. I had some breakfast (which of course was all paid for by Miessence along with all other meals) including delicious PINEAPPLE JAM on toast and then made my way to the conference room in the hotel.





Conference Sign

It was here that the top Miessence representatives from around the globe met for the entire day and discussed our businesses, ethical entrepreneurship and the big things coming in the future with the company. Narelle Chenery talked about the new products she is working on and we all voted on what we would all like to see her make! She said she will be releasing another 2-3 products next year. Colin discussed the marketing aspect of things and Alf talked about the realistic mission of turning Miessence/One Group into a Billion dollar company by the year 2020. In the room were 4 Australians, 4 Canadians, 2 Americans and 1 Japanese. Though I had never met most of the people in the room my real feeling is that I’m part of a little ethical family – kind of like a family reunion of like minded people doing their own little part to making a difference. I really felt at home.

Conference 1

Some interesting current stats on Miessence around the globe are that sales are 55% Australian, 25% North American and then New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore comprise of about 6% each.

Conference 2

We finished up the conference about 4:30pm and then we all took a ‘Tuk Tuk’ (motorbike with a carriage) ride to the local market. At the market I felt something touch my foot and I looked down to find an extremely tiny grey lizard crawling up my leg! I had a vego pizza for dinner and a 90 minute massage for $22 USD ($30 AUD) which was certainly good value. I personally find it bizarre the influence that Western society has on a country and how powerful it can be. The currency around here is basically all USD and people tell me to not even bother getting the local currency. It’s quite sad the power that wealthy countries have over simple poor places like this. My massage was well appreciated after such a long day of flying the day earlier and while sitting in the restaurant waiting for my vego pizza – a tiny colourful frog hopped under my table!

Stay tuned for the next 3 days of my absolutely awesome 2015 Miessence getaway in Cambodia! It has just been so incredible so far.

Live powerfully! 🙂



miessence berry radical

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  1. It was really great spending time with you on the trip, Luke! I am so grateful for our Miessence family and can’t wait to see what’s in store as we all work together in the months and years to come. 🙂

    • Ah Lacey… I had such an amazing time with you over in Cambodia. I can’t wait to see you again on next year’s getaway – and I’ll be bringing my family with me this time as well! 😉

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