Unlocking The Code To Ageing With Dr. Sherrill Sellman


Narelle Chenery recently interviewed Dr. Sherill Sellman. Sherill’s journey began from her own health challenges including arthritis, severe allergies, insomnia, a hormonal imbalance, depression, gut issues and more. As Sherill addressed her own health challenges and turned them around she began to realise the desperate need that others also have for the principles to rejuvenate and regenerate yourself at any age.

Sherill says that Sherrill SellmanBeliefs mould our biology. What we’ve been taught determines what happens to our bodies. Our bodies follow these belief systems. The belief system our culture has is that your overies will stop functioning and everything starts to go. Our biology follows this belief – but this isn’t the truth.”

Narelle’s interview with Sherill includes:

  • The importance of bringing joy into your life.
  • How gratitude can turn on your longevity genes and how it changes the way your body heals.
  • The importance of mindfulness meditation and being present.
  • The critical importance of vitamin D – and how sunshine is so much more important than what we realise.
  • The critical health of adrenal glands.
  • Sleep and how western cultures are insomnia cultures.
  • How stress brings the most age to the body more than anything else.

She also talks about a study of a group of 75-80 year old women who helped their osteoporosis and improved their bone strength by beginning a heavy weight program (lifting their own body weight in some cases). Unbelievable!


Check it out!



Remember your body is pliable! It responds to every thought and food source you give it.

Be Healthy. 🙂


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