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miessence fastWhat is Miessence FAST?

Miessence FAST is a carefully balanced superfood and herbal blend designed to help you lose weight through a 3-day fast. Miessence FAST is able to be adapted for higher weight loss requirements, regular system maintenance and/or to incorporate the benefits of longer term intermittent fasting. Each 270g tub comes with support information including product benefits and how to use it on the label. Product fact sheets and educational videos regarding the product, its benefits, ingredients are all included. It’s certified organic and a more safer way to lose weight than some of the shocking weight loss products that currently exist in this billion dollar market.


Did you know?

Our body expects to go through periods of FAMINE! We have had to survive for millions of years quite often on an empty tummy. We may have needed to survive through a tough winter for example. The human body has this stored in it’s evolutionary memory. This is important to note!

Animals distinctly fast when ill. It’s a normal part of nature’s healing process for us too! The job of fasting is to supply the body with the ideal environment to accomplish it’s work of healing. There’s nothing you need to do. Fasting gives the stomach a rest and will also help you to realise that hunger isn’t the worst thing in the world! It is OK! Fasting also very powerfully interrupts habitual EATING PATTERNS that we may be in. It’s a reset button for your SENSE of taste as well!

Fasting isn’t to fix the body but instead to GET OUT OF THE WAY to let the body heal itself. It cleanses the liver, kidneys and colon, purifies blood, helps lose excess waste and water, clears the eyes and the tongue and breath. Fasting increases the #1 fat burning hormone by 700%!

By using Miessence FAST Weight-Loss Superfood, you can:

  • Lose weight fast without significant hunger
  • Sustain lost weight simply by maintaining a healthy diet afterwards (just don’t jump back into the pizza and beer!)
  • Experience the energising benefits of adding extremely pure and potent certified organic nutrients to your diet.
  • Reboot and cleanse your system to ensure your vital organs and digestion perform at their best.
  • Switch on powerful survival genes that trigger the body’s own production of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and repair functions by introducing Intermittent Fasting (IF) into your diet.
  • After just 3 short days, you will wake up feeling lighter & cleaner, energised, refreshed and satisfied with an improvement in digestion, elimination, mental clarity, skin and sleep symptoms.




What does Miessence FAST include and how does it work?

Miessence FAST includes a carefully balanced superfood and herbal blend including:

  • An extremely potent, pure, plant-based protein blend with a complete amino acid profile to limit hunger and increase calories burned through digestion.
  • A prebiotic fibre blend to keep things moving, reduce discomfort associated with digestive disorders and feed the good bacteria in the intestines.
  • An alkalising greens blend containing vital enzymes, vitamins, phyto-nutrients and alkalising minerals to strengthen the immune system, improve mental focus and clarity and increase energy.
  • Liver and digestive tonic herbs to support the healthy functioning and detoxification of the liver, colon, kidneys, spleen, and gallbladder, purify the blood, strengthen the lymphatic system and heal the skin.
  • Extremely potent and fast-acting antioxidant superfoods to absorb free radicals and energise your cells.


The first couple of days are tough of course, but participants lose between 2.5kg and 5.5kgs in 3 days! On your 4th morning you will wake up feeling lighter, cleaner, energise and refreshed with an improvement in digestion, elimination, mental clarity, skin and sleep!




Miessence FAST of course can be used with other Miessence superfoods such as Miessence In Liven, Miessence Deep Green and my personal favourite – Miessence Berry Radical. It’s great to finally be able to offer a SAFE way to my friends who want to lose weight a more natural and healthy way.

You can PRE-ORDER Miessence Fast here for only $40!!

Enjoy and good luck! Please email me your Miessence Fast weight loss success!


Be Healthy! 🙂



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