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The Miessence Compensation Plan has NOW CHANGED and is improved! To see the current compensation plan as of April 1, 2015 CLICK HERE!




The Miessence MLM company last changed their Miessence compensation plan in October of 2013. It now rewards distributors more for signing up customers than distributors.

The Miessence compensation plan is designed to connect the values of the company and products with the Miessence community who use and love them!

As a Miessence ‘Lifestyle Member’ you get the benefits of a 20% discount and also become eligible for MiRewards which is a point system which gets you FREE organic products! To qualify as a lifestyle member all you need to do is place an order of AU $150 or more and then make at least one order every 12 months.

As a Miessence ‘Representative’ you save between 20% and 40% discount on your products depending on how much you order. You then also obviously sell the Miessence products to earn income from the Miessence organic MLM business. Representatives must be active to qualify for bonuses, and do this by placing an order of at least 75 PV every calendar month. Miessence representatives can also get discounted and FREE shipping too.

In the table below you can see how it’s possible to increase your rank within the Miessence compensation plan.


How To Increase Rank In The Miessence Compensation Plan.


Miessence Compensation Plan
Personal PV means the combined points value of your orders for the month.

Personally Sponsored Active Reps means the representatives that you yourself have personally sponsored.

Active Executives means the number of distributors which you have personally sponsored who have achieved the level of ‘Executive’.

Team Volume means the combined points value of your orders for the month, as well as the points value of every single person in your team below you.


How To Earn With The Miessence Compensation Plan.


There are 7 ways you can earn within the Miessence compensation plan. These are:

  1. The 100% Bonus is a bonus which gives you 100% of the bonus allocation on any orders placed in the first 30 days of every new representative, lifestyle member or customer you personally sponsor.


  1. The Repeat Order Bonus is a bonus which you earn on any order placed after the first 30 days of your customer and lifestyle members.


  1. The Customer Bonus is 30% of the order value minus taxes


  1. Similarly the Lifestyle Bonus is 10% of the order value minus taxes.


  1. Once you personally sponsor 3 representatives on autoship you receive the Loyalty Bonus. This bonus rewards you with AU$75 or a Vitality Pack of 3 tubs of superfoods (InLiven, Deep Green and Berry Radical valued at AU$195.15 ) each month and for every subsequent multiple of 3 representatives on autoship you receive AU$50 each month. There is no limit to how many times you can receive this bonus.


  1. The Rank Bonus is a bonus which is received once a representative achieves a specific paid-at rank. Once at this rank, they are then eligible for a number of shares in the Global Leadership Pool. This Global Leadership Pool is given out once the remaining bonus allocation of total global orders of representatives has been paid out.


  1. The Volume Bonus is for representatives at the rank of Executive or higher. They are then eligible for one share in the Global Leadership Pool for every 25,000 TV (Team Volume) generated each month.


Colin from Miessence explains these 7 ways you can earn in a simpler way via his ‘comp plan on a napkin’ diagram below..


Miessence Compensation Plan On A Napkin 🙂


Miessence Compensation Plan

To download a full PDF of the compensation plan simply visit this page on the Miessence web-site and click on ‘Download the two page Miessence Compensation Plan’ just CLICK HERE – Miessence Compensation Plan.

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