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The new certified organic Miessence mascara has been getting some great reviews from our customers. Here is what long term Miessence fan Wendy Brian had to say to Narelle Chenery – the founder of Miessence.

miessence mascara“Well dearie, you have absolutely outdone yourself – again! The mascara is beyond awesome! Stays on, doesn’t run or smudge, can’t feel it on your lashes and makes my lashes look longer. Gosh you’re a genius! As always, thank you so much for persevering and coming up with your magnificent, healthy creations. I was dancing around the bathroom with excitement! Xxoo”

Miessence Mascara Ingredients: Ingredients: certified organic aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, organic castor (ricinus communis) oil, black iron oxide, sorbitan olivate and cetearyl olivate, certified organic copernicia prunifera (carnauba) wax, organic glycerin, sclerotium rolfsii gum, parfum (proprietary blend of organic botanical extracts, absolutes and essential oils), certified organic pelargonium graveolens (geranium) essential oil, geraniol# (#natural components of organic essential oils, absolutes and extracts), citronellol# (#natural components of organic essential oils, absolutes and extracts)




Miessence Mascara: No More Panda Eyes!

Though I personally don’t wear mascara myself (except on special evenings of course) – I must say the ladies are loving this. Are you looking for a certified organic mascara with no smudging, flaking or clumping? Certified organic by Australian Certified Organic Cosmetic – the Miessence mascara gives lovely, luscious, healthy-looking eyelashes. One coat gives a very natural look, but if you have a penchant for the dramatic, apply a couple of layers just allowing time to dry between applications for thicker lashes. These certified organic ingredients still deliver long-lasting, intense colour.



When you purchase mascara from basically anywhere, you are likely to find some surprising very toxic ingredients—such as carcinogens and other vision deteriorating chemicals. There are natural mascaras on the market, but the standard brand mascaras and eyelash products contain some or all of the toxic chemicals below.


There has been a lot of buzz around the link between parabens and breast cancer. Parabens are added to skincare and beauty products as a preservative to extend shelf-life, but the standard mascara is only “good” for 3 months anyway. While your eyes are far from your breast tissue, applying a known carcinogen so close to your eyes is not so wise really is it?


Aluminum Powder

Although aluminum is a known neurotoxin, it is added to many mascaras to create distinct colors. Long term exposure to aluminum can resulting in a wide range of health concerns, such as compromised cellular health, metabolic process, tissue growth, and nervous system. It’s not a good thing to have on you.


Propylene Glycol
Propylene glycol is a common ingredient in brand name mascaras, but is often linked to severe irritation and allergic reactions. This could include inflamed, irritated, swollen, and sore skin—sometimes accompanied by a rash, acne, eczema, or small blisters.


mascaraCoal Tar Dyes And Artificial Fragrance
Coal tar dyes are often used to create colorful mascaras, other than standard black or brown. The concern with coal tart dyes is that they contain toxic heavy metals. Coal tar dyes often have a distinct, and unappealing aroma—meaning that almost every mascara that contains coal tar dyes, also includes an artificial fragrance. Artificial fragrance is known to irritate your skin—especially your eyes.


Retin-A might be derived from vitamin A, but it is a manmade chemical that is popular in both mascara and antiaging products. Retin-A is often linked to severe skin irritation and allergic reactions.


FDA-Approved Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe in any way!
While the ingredients above are FDA-approved, that does not mean that they are necessarily safe! All the data speaks to the contrary. In fact, many of the ingredients above are banned ingredients in countries such as Canada and the UK. Although applied to your lashes, as your mascara flakes during the day, or as you rub your eyes—it is likely to work its way into your eyes. NOT PRETTY!


While toxic mascara is easy to come by, so is entirely certified organic mascara—made from food based non-toxic ingredients. Just look for the ACO Cosmetic certification to feel safe with your purchase. Beware of other certifications which often are not that stringent.


If you’d like to try some certified organic mascara just CLICK HERE – Miessence certified organic mascara to try some.


Be Healthy! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Certified Organic Miessence Mascara

  1. Wow. What an awesome product. After realising what “nasties” are in most mascara, I made a decision not to wear any. !!!! That was big for me. I began wearing eye makeup a little over 40 years ago when it was fashionable to have lots of blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner and heavy mascara. For me to discard my eye make up was like “havning a new face” Now, I love to use the Miessence mascara, it doenst sting, it hasnt run and I can now create some eye definition and I know that I am not adding toxins to my sensitive eye area. Congratulations Miessence and thank you for sharing Luke. Jo

    • Thanks for your comment Jo – great to hear you’re enjoying it! We requested Narelle make a mascara at the Miessence Cambodia getaway last year! 🙂

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