Critical Success Factor #3: The Hedgehog and the Fox.



I created this video a month or so ago, and had an amazing response from it. This is Critical Success Factor #3 in how to really succeed in attraction marketing, when marketing multi level businesses – and this is to do with something very simple – at least in theory.. (To see Critical Success Factor #2 click here – MLM Prospecting: Date Your Prospect Before You Marry Them!)

Marketing multi level businesses on the Internet can be HARD when you first are starting out because of the complexity of the Internet. The Internet is full of DISTRACTIONS which is why it’s so crucial that we maintain FOCUS.

How can you FOCUS? Stop getting sucked in by all the crap out there.. don’t be crazy! Choose only 1 way to drive traffic when you start out and literally CONSTANTLY IGNORE everything else. This can be a battle. It can be challenging. But you will get to your goal FASTER! Become a marketing NINJA at only 1 of these to begin with:

1. Social media and video.

2. SEO.

3. Pay Per Click.

You can make millions marketing multi level businesses by mastering only 1 of these.. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ALL OF THEM! Narrow your FOCUS when driving traffic!

I’ve found when achieving any MASSIVE goal you have to be FOCUSED!! As the saying goes…

“The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time”

Take things slowly when you start out. Pace yourself, constantly think ahead and you will achieve your goal.

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4 thoughts on “Critical Success Factor #3: The Hedgehog and the Fox.

  1. Oh I am loving the information feed so far. I do believe in FOCUS and to the one-step-at-at-a-time mantra. Thanks for the realistic take!

  2. This has to be a constant challenge for marketers. The latest and greatest is always coming out, right when you get going with one strategy, you hear of another. Focus is key to success and we must always be aware of it. This is an amazing tip. Thanks for sharing, Luke!

  3. Great video Luke! I’ll be reposting it when I get a chance. I’ve Been guilty of being the fox sometimes. I tried to start w ppc but really struggled. I’m primarily focusing on SEO & social media right now. I still do a few ppc ads just to experiment.
    Thanks again & great video

  4. Thanks guys. SO MANY FAIL with this simple little thing.. And it’s SO IMPORTANT to pace yourself with the Internet. I’m happy this has really helped you guys see things clearer..

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