The Tao Of Leadership In MLM: Be Like ‘Bamboo.’




tao of leadershipIn the book ‘The Tao Of Personal Leadership’ by Diane Dreher she relates the tao of leadership to bamboo. She writes:

“Tao leaders have the strength of bamboo. Able to bend, blend with circumstances, adjust to change, and overcome adversity, they can meet any challenge with courage and compassion.”

The Tao Of Leadership In Network Marketing.

I believe creating a true, really long-lasting team in network marketing requires these characteristics as a leader.

The Tao Te Ching is a remarkable work which was written around 6th century BC by the sage Laozi in China. I’m not a Taoist as such, however I am aware of the powerful principles within the text which can literally change your life. If you are a fan of Eckhart Tolle’s work you will know what I’m talking about.

Combining these principles of the Tao Te Ching into the leadership of your downline is a powerful way to create an extremely solid and strong organisation.

A network marketing leader that uses the tao of leadership is as grounded and as fiercely strong as bamboo, however they also have the ability to bend and be flexible at certain times when it’s required.

A network marketing leader who doesn’t use these principles is often very rigid, very autocratic and very concerned with a ‘right’ way of being. They often resist change which in today’s world can be very dangerous.

I’m sure you are familiar with the type of leaders I’m talking about. How do you feel their leadership has impacted you?

Tao leaders are aware that humans are ‘meaning’ making machines when the truth in reality is that there is no right or wrong – other than what people claim to ‘be’ right or wrong.

“Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi.


How To Discover The Tao Of Leadership.

In today’s times of massive and constant change – I believe a strong tao of leadership is required in any business to truly succeed financially as well as spiritually and emotionally.

I meditate every morning – at least for an hour. It’s important to be in your body and feel grounded before you start your day. Bringing yourself into your body and into the ‘now’ is crucial for concentration and focus.

It’s so easy to get distracted throughout your day by phones ringing, negative people and the bombardment of advertisements on Facebook, buses, billboards, TV, and radio which are all screaming for your attention.

Is it any wonder the world has become so disconnected??

Meditation grounds you so you can be like bamboo.

If you’re feeling stressed with your day, or you can’t come up with the solution for a particular problem meditate.

If you have never tried meditation before I welcome you to spend 20 minutes closing your eyes and just breathing right now – and then come back to your work or the problem. Watch what happens… 😉

“Stop talking and thinking and there is nothing you will not be able to know.” Buddhist Saying.



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  1. I love your post, Luke. I also meditate for an hour every morning. Wouldn’t start my day without it. Thanks for sharing the Tao of Leadership. It’s very important information! All the best!

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