NEVER Pass On Organic Wheat Grass!


Green SmoothieFor quite a while I’ve seen organic ‘Wheat Grass shots’ in organic cafes and wholefood stores and wondered what it is that makes this blade so healthy. I decided to do some investigation into the health benefits of this special grass.


Potent superfood is not necessarily tasty, and we all know this. There are times when you have to push yourself to drink that spirulina smoothie that does not taste all that great, but is extremely beneficial to your health. The same rule applies to wheat grass; it does not taste much on its own but combined with the right foods, it is a wonder aliment. It has giant health benefits and basically no calories, which makes it great not only for daily consumption but also for diets. Miessence Deep Green and Miessence Inliven superfoods both contain organic wheat grass along with a lot of other powerful foods combined.


The Amazing Health Benefits of Organic Wheat Grass!

  • Organic wheat grass removes any toxins from your blood. In extreme cases, wheat grass is used to remove deposits of heavy metals from the body. As you probably already know – most unhealthy foods that we eat contain all kind of toxins that will, sooner or later, affect your health. The good news is that organic wheat grass can help eliminate a lot of this from your body.
  • It can cure various infections. Yes, that’s right! It can act as a natural antibiotic, and it can cure infections of the bladder, urethra and prostate. If you have ever had a urinary infection you know very well how unpleasant it is, so why not take something natural instead of medicine? It won’t work as fast, but it won’t damage your body in the process.
  • It can cure cold and infections in the respiratory tract. In other words, if you have a cold and you can’t breathe well a smoothie with wheat grass may help your healing. There are many drugs on the market that will do the same thing, but they will put all different kinds of chemicals in your body.Wheat Grass
  • Organic wheat grass improves digestion too! If you don’t have a strict meal schedule (and you probably don’t) and you don’t eat the right foods (which you probably don’t either) you may have to deal with bloating every once in a while. Some wheat grass in your foods will help prevent this!
  • Finally and quite importantly, organic wheat grass lowers your cholesterol. Are you a fan of heavy, greasy meals? Then you can cancel some of the negative effects of this with some wheat grass! If you don’t like the taste and you don’t want to have it in your meals you can add it to fruit smoothies; it will make a huge difference in the long term.

Never pass on wheat grass! It will look after you.

Be Healthy! 🙂



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