Branding Yourself. Critical Success Factor #5




Branding yourself is crucial to those who understand marketing.


branding yourselfBecause there is absolutely no-one or nothing on this planet like YOU! YOU are totally unique, and you always will be. People want to connect with people and feel safe with someone, rather than be pitched to.

This is Critical Success Factor #5 I have created for real MLM attraction marketing success. To see Critical Success Factor #4 click here – MLM prospecting 101 – Are you an idiot? I hope my last blog post didn’t offend too many people out there, but I just like to be straight up with people so they get the message, and the LEARNING. Often achieving one’s dreams and goals feels UNCOMFORTABLE. It’s about moving through those uncomfortable feelings and still taking MASSIVE ACTION.

Now, about branding YOURSELF. You really can be approached by 3 different people about an MLM opportunity, and each time you won’t necessarily be sold on the opportunity every time – BECAUSE it depends on the PERSON that presented it to you. Human beings want to be LEAD!

We are PACK CREATURES. We are looking for that LEADER to take us to the promised land. The question is – how can you BE THAT LEADER? How CAN YOU STAND OUT? Why would someone WANT TO JOIN YOU?

Branding yourself before your company means your marketing efforts will always be for your future no matter what!

Branding YOURSELF is the most effective way to STAND OUT from the noise that we are constantly bombarded with every day. People REMEMBER YOU this way, and if you are really giving value to people about how they can build their businesses the law of reciprocity will kick in and with the leverage of the Internet you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Real success on the Internet is not ABOUT SPAMMING. It’s about making a genuine real connection with people, and offering them advice and value which can help them get where they want to go.

So, seriously ask yourself now and again and again (I know I do..) this question:


See you soon. I have 1 more Critical Success Factor to go to complete the series in what I feel are the most IMPORTANT things to know to really succeed on the Internet with MLM.




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8 thoughts on “Branding Yourself. Critical Success Factor #5

  1. Good Post Luke and nice looking blog.

    The cool thing about branding yourself is that no matter who you are you will attract people that I don’t and vice versa. So there are people out there who will identify with each and every one of us.

    By the way, great marketing system you have there.

  2. Hey thanks Ed! That’s really true – and really exciting if you really get that. Not everyone will gel with each other, so it’s important to find those people that do.

  3. True Alecia. I feel this is SO KEY to understand, and anyone who misses this simply won’t succeed in the MLM industry. PERIOD!

  4. Hey Luke – being real and having integrity is what it’s all about and yours shines through!!! Another fabulous relevant post – thanks Luke – you’re a true rock star – 🙂

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