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Vantel Pearls Review



In this Vantel Pearls review, you will get a description of some of the basic but very important information about the Vantel Pearls network marketing business. This Vantel Pearls review will give a basic overview of the company history, its products and the opportunity.

Vantel Pearls Review – It’s Background.

The idea of Vantel Pearls as a business was created in 1987, and it evolved from retail selling to MLM in about 3 years. It became the Vantel Pearls home business in 1990. Vantel Pearls MLM has since become one of the best network marketing companies in the ‘pearl’ niche – and it distributes its product by selling pearls at home parties.

Vantel Pearls Review of it’s Pearls.

The ‘home party’ way of selling is how Vantel Pearls moves its products. The Vantel Pearls demonstrators are given real oysters where they display the blue, pink, black, or white pearls. They literally open the oysters to show people the pearls, which is quite a unique experience. They then evaluate the pearls and make different jewellery orders for what they wish to buy.

Vantel Pearls Review: The Opportunity.

There are no limits on how much you can earn with the Vantel Pearls opportunity. Firstly, the business recommends you hold home parties to sell the products. The average income from parties of Vantel Pearls is over $600, which is almost twice the party plan industry average which is quite high. For just holding 2 parties in a week, you can earn $900 to $1000 or more monthly.

As you find other demonstrators who also want to sell Vantel Pearls, your income also increases creating passive income for yourself. If you get as many people as you can to join your group, the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can earn. Once you build a large team of demonstrators, it is not only your personal sales that will be given a boost, but also your team’s sales.

Jewellery sales of 25% can be earned by Vantel Pearls demonstrators. 9%, on the other hand, will come from their sales and their group’s sales which are earned as they go to higher levels.

There is no such thing as a Vantel Pearls scam. This Vantel Pearls review did due diligence in its research and it is a solid reputable company and a member of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA). In this Vantel Pearls review, we will also teach you how you can get started with this opportunity.

Vantel Pearls Review: Joining and the Great Bonuses.

You can start your Vantel Pearls business for a very low start up cost of $99 which an extremely low start up cost considering how lucrative this opportunity can be. This Vantel Pearls review will also show you what you can get after you join.

During your first 35 days, if you hold 5 Vantel Pearls parties you receive a Buttercup Necklace valued at $85.

During your first two months, you receive an Eventide Bracelet set worth $59 which will be rewarded to you if you reach $2000 total sales volume. It is composed of 5 bracelets.

Within your first 3 months, and if you reach $4000 total sales volume, you will receive for free a jewellery package worth $311 which includes an Artisan Enhancer, a size 8 Zing Ring, the Metropolitan Necklace, Pearl Strand Shortener, and earrings.

When you reach $4000 Total Sales Volume plus if you have referred at least one new demonstrator within your first 3 months, you will receive $500 worth of pearls which are 100 inches long.

Vantel Pearls Review: Conclusion.

This Vantel Pearls review provides basic and essential information about the company. It should be mentioned that the ‘home party’ model of marketing has often greatly proved ineffective for many people in network marketing because so often friends and family just aren’t interested in becoming a distributor. You will probably find they’ll buy pearls, but usually won’t wish to join you in the opportunity. To truly succeed with Vantel Pearls or any network marketing business for that matter you are in need of an effective marketing system. Joining Vantel Pearls alone cannot guarantee you financial freedom.




Vantel Pearls Review








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