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Tianshi Health Products ReviewThis Tianshi Health products review looks at the history of the MLM, the products, and the compensation plan attached to the opportunity which the company offers.

Tianshi Health Products Review: History.

The Tianshi Health products MLM promotes modern civilisation and a healthy life. Tianshi basically combines the traditional Chinese health regimens and modern medicine to make the best in biotechnology. Traditional Chinese Medicine encourages the body to maintain a healthy balance of energy.

The Tianshi Group was founded by Mr. Li Jinyuan in 1995. It has operations in 190 countries spanning various continents. Tianshi is the first Chinese direct selling company that creates and distributes Traditional Chinese Health products worldwide. In this Tianshi Health Product review, I will now go into details about the products which Tianshi offers.

Tianshi Health Products Review: Products.

The balance of energy is based on the concept of Yin and Yang and the five elements which make the major body organs perform in harmony to give you optimal health and wellness.

The combination of the five elements and Yin and Yang will bring an overall balance to your entire system. Each element basically supports and balances one another to maintain the stability of the body. Their product claims to be very effective with this.

Creating balance in our inner ecosystem according to Tianshi basically results from producing the seasons and other characteristics of nature. When the body’s five internal organs are in a state of balance it creates a strong body. These five internal organs are the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys.

Tianshi Health Products Review: The Opportunity.

The Tianshi health products network marketing opportunity allows you to work whenever you want to. As a distributor of Tianshi health products you receive business development training, and you also receive ongoing incentives and rewards, in recognition of your sales performance.

With regards to any Tianshi health products scam claims, anyone making these types of claims is simply just confused. Tianshi health has been around for over ten years, and is a legitimate network marketing company.

There are many ways to earn money with Tianshi Health Products.

Tianshi uses the bonus volume (BV) for each product for working out commissions. The BV varies with each country.

Point volume (PV) is also assigned to each product for distributor’s qualification and rank calculation.

You get a direct bonus as a commission on your direct BV. You can also receive an indirect bonus on any indirect BV.

Tianshi Group’s dream is a community bound together with similar goals of health, welfare and wealth for everyone. The mission of the business is to offer high quality products and services that provide the keys to health and wealth for everyone.

Tianshi Health Products Review: Final Summary.

In a nutshell, Tianshi Health simply say that to succeed with their home business opportunity you simply share the product and opportunity with your friends, and participate in business development training with the commitment and perseverance to making your business succeed.

I really beg to differ that this is enough to succeed with the opportunity. The best network marketers out there in some of the best network marketing companies eventually leave their warm market and begin building their business through effective marketing in the cold market.

Without a great marketing system and quality leads to speak to every day, you will really struggle to create the serious wealth you truly desire with Tianshi Health Products. The truth is that most of your friends may very well buy some product from you, however many won’t join you in the business opportunity. You need to learn how to market effectively to attract the right people to your Tianshi Health products opportunity. I attract lots of great leads from the Internet and I can help you do the same.



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