Soylicious Review: Sell Candles for a Brighter Future.



Soylicious ReviewThis is a basic Soylicious review giving you the simple facts of the company including its products, compensation plan and its history.

This Soylicious review can help you determine whether you want to get involved with this business opportunity.

Soylicious Review – It’s Background.

The Soylicious network marketing business manufactures and markets candles. Their background is quite fascinating – the company is a family operated business, and the husband and wife team of Michael and Rachel have seven children who help out in selling their candle products. The desire to spend more time with their family especially with their diabetic son prompted the husband and wife team of Michael and Rachel to make candle making a full time business. The best network marketing companies offer innovative unique products, and Soylicious’ candle range definitely appears to be something a little different and quite special.


Soylicious Review Of It’s Products – Candles.

Soylicious candles are made from soy bean wax instead of the traditional paraffin wax. Soy wax candles basically tend to burn for longer and are much cooler. This makes their candles safer to use and also much more environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable. Aside from soy bean wax, their candles also use natural oils to achieve their vibrant colors and creamy consistency. Soylicious candles come in various scents to energise and revitalise the body, clear the mind, and comfort and heal. Their fragrances include sandalwood, lavender patchouli, eucalyptus vapor, fresh bergamot, rosemary mint and aloe yoghurt to name a few. The company also provides back bar candles, and different bags such as the organza, and votive tote bag.


Soylicious Review – The Opportunity.

The Soylicious home business also offers a great business opportunity for people who want to improve their income without sacrificing time with their families. The company charges a monthly membership which gives you a 40% discount on purchases as well as a 40% commission on retail orders purchased online from you as a distributor. The sale or order from your first level downline will also earn you 10%. As a distributor you receive a free website, affiliate back office and discussion board where you can recruit new members and track your team’s growth and sales. The company offers free training and fundraising information to help you grow your Soylicious business.

There are definitely no Soylicious scam claims, and the business opportunity is a completely legitimate one.

This Soylicious review has been an unbiased presentation of the basic facts of the company, however, simply joining Soylicious is absolutely no guarantee of true financial freedom. If you want to fully take advantage of Soylicious’ earning potential, you need to have an extremely effective marketing system so you can generate an endless amount of high quality leads so you can explode your Soylicious business quickly. Your list of friends and family is ultimately finite and will run out, and when that happens you need to get leads from somewhere else.



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