Jewel Kade Review: Jewellery And Passive Income.




Jewel Kade ReviewThis is a basic Jewel Kade Review – covering such things as the compensation plan, it’s history and it’s products.

Jewel Kade Review – It’s story and a history of it’s products.


There is no denying that women love jewels. They spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the fancy ornaments they adore. This can become very expensive and so women are always finding ways to reduce their expenses. One way they can do this is by joining Jewel Kade. This multilevel marketing company offers women the chance to buy jewelries at discount prices and also to sell to earn commissions. Of course, this imposes doubts in the minds of many who may be skeptical about MLM. This Jewel Kade review will clear things up and help you understand all you need to know about the company.

Jewel Kade was founded in 2008 by Janet Kinkade. The company offers handcrafted jewelries with designs ranging from vintage to contemporary. Janet Kinkade uses German Glass Glitter and Swarovski Crystals. She is also the exclusive designer of all of the company’s jewelry items.

What’s unique about the products of Jewel Kade is that no two jewelries are actually alike. If you wear a Jewel Kade charm, you can be sure that no one will wear the same piece. The Jewel Kade jewelries are offered by their network of stylists.

Jewel Kade review – The Compensation Plan.

The Jewel Kade network marketing company offers two options for those who are interested in becoming one of their stylists. They have the Stylist Starter Kit at $399 and the Stylist Exclusive Kit at $599. These kits will provide you with the product samples you can use to show to your family and friends. It is natural to choose the less expensive option. However, remember that in any networking company, availing of the highest level option enables you to maximize the company’s compensation plan. If you choose the starter kit option, you cannot qualify for some of the bonuses.

As a stylist, you can earn 25-30% depending on the products you sell. You can also sponsor other interested people into the Jewel Kade MLM. You can also earn commissions based on the sales volume of the stylists you have endorsed. As a leader, you also qualify for generational bonuses.

In conclusion to this Jewel Kade review, the question whether this company is legit or is it just a Jewel Kade scam is basically answered for you. Jewel Kade is a legitimate networking company, it’s no scam! It can be considered as one of the best network marketing companies around particularly if you LOVE jewellery. It has even appeared on the Today Show and The Ellen Degeneres Show. It has quality products and offers women the Jewel Kade home business where they can create a substantial income.

This Jewel Kade review also emphasizes the methods you can use to become a successful Jewel Kade Stylist. Jewel Kade encourages home parties where you can have the chance to show your friends and family the products offered by the company. The company even offers Host Gift Rewards for hostesses who are willing to conduct a Jewel Kade party in their home. If you’re serious about building your Jewel Kade business I recommend using online marketing methods coupled with offline strategies as well, so you can reach out to a much wider audience. Doing both will definitely guarantee your success in Jewel Kade.

Though home parties do tend to work for some people – for the majority – distributors really struggle with this type of thing. To be truly successful in Jewel Kade as in any other multilevel marketing company, you have to learn efficient marketing skills in order to be truly successful. You definitely need to learn how to generate your own highly qualified leads.




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