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Integris Global ReviewThis Integris Global review will provide an overview of the company, a look at its products and also a look at the home business opportunity.


Integris Global Review: Overview.

Integris was established in 1996 in Irving, Texas U.S.A. by Dr. William Kellas to market its line of nutritional supplements.  Dr. Kellas is also a founding member of the Advanced Centre for Medicine in California, and this centre aims to restore the health of their patients by detoxifying the body in order to address the real root causes of disease.

Integris Global Review – The Products.

This section of the Integris Global review will briefly review the wide range of Integris wellness products, which are basically sold in two product lines.

Optimally Health offers products such as Cardio-Health, which promotes improved cardiovascular functions; Cleanzyme, a digestive aid which also supports internal cleansing; EverLasting Support, which helps the body reconstruct damaged cells to slow down aging; and LifeSolubles which helps your body more readily absorb and utilize nutrients.

The Simply Healthy product line includes WinkZ, a relaxation and sleep aid; Prosta-Plus, a supplement which promotes prostate health; and Gly Support, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

In addition, Integris offers the E7 Nutritional Beverage Mix, which includes seven essential nutrients including enzymes, fiber, probiotics and protein.

There is also The Cleanse kit for detoxifying your body which includes products such as E7, Paragon and Aloe7000 as well as complete directions for undertaking the program.

Integris Global Review – The Business Opportunity.

This part of the Integris Global review will explain the Integris Global MLM compensation plan.

To start your Integris Global home business you have to buy an IBO Welcome Pack which includes products that you can immediately start selling or which you can use for your personal use. You will need to generate a minimum personal volume of $100 worth of product monthly and you can earn a commission of 25% to 35% on sales. You can qualify for higher positions such as Manager and Executive Director by increasing your monthly PVs to designated levels (from $200 up to $500). Once you qualify for the positions of National Director and President Director you are also eligible for a Car Bonus of $800 and $1,200 a month respectively.

In addition, IBOs who qualify for positions of Executive Director and higher also share in pool bonuses which the company determines each month, based on its revenues.

You may have heard ridiculous claims on the Internet of an Integris Global scam. This Integris Global home business review has hopefully helped you to understand that Integris is a highly reputable MLM business. Some of the best network marketing companies of our time have come from the health and wellness niche and there is of course no reason why Integris Global will not join them into the future as the MLM industry continues to absolutely boom every year.

Because joining costs are low it makes it easier for people to get involved, and the products you are selling are ones which people actually use and benefit from. You can create a successful home business for yourself with Integris Global all the while helping others, by introducing them to some of the best health and wellness products on the market.

Integris Global Review: Conclusion.

If you are thinking about seriously joining Integris, then this Integris Global review has helped you. You also need to understand however, that to seriously succeed with the Integris Global opportunity and create solid passive income you need lots of leads to speak to. Without leads to speak to about your Integris Global opportunity you will never get it off the ground and create the serious wealth that you desire. I myself personally generate leads online and can teach you how to do exactly the same thing for Integris Global.




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