Essential Bodywear Review: Millions From Undies!?

Essential Bodywear ReviewThis Essential Bodywear review will give a brief overview the company’s history and the products of this MLM clothing business.



Essential Bodywear Review – It’s Products.

Essential bodywear is an undergarment business offering such products as bras, panties, sports bras’, shapewear and other types of necessities.


Essential Bodywear Review – Background.

The Essential Bodywear home business was first inspired by CEO Carrie Charlick and President Marcia Cubitt at a national convention. They noticed how women were wearing stylish make-up and clothing, however they also were wearing lackluster undergarments. Upon research, they realised that most women found buying undergarments a stressful experience, and not enjoyable at all. The two ladies then came up with the idea with the direct sales model of hosting home parties selling their undergarments, to basically make the whole experience of buying undergarments much more fun for women. Essential Bodywear was originally established in 2003.


Essential Bodywear Review – Their Inventory Problems.

This Essential Bodywear review will now go into significant inventory problems the company experienced during its first few initial years.

Essential Bodywear experienced massive inventory problems in 2006 with their factory with which they’d made an agreement. They were only allowed a minimum number of orders for each of their bra designs and sizes. This made business very hard for them during this time. This meant that if they ran out of stock, they basically had to wait for another six months before they could get their businesses rolling again. This hurt their profits dramatically during this time.

In 2010, they finally solved this problem and were able to find a new undergarment factory which basically satisfied their own minimum requirements for their inventory. In addition, it even allowed them to place their orders within 30 to 60 days which was much earlier than the contract with their previous factory. Through this, they were able to better manage their inventory management which thus helped their business immensely.

The Essential Bodywear MLM business also then made their sizes universal such that the bra can still fit the same person regardless of the style. This meant that sales agents then only needed to bring a sample of one size for each home party, rather than taking a huge amount of stock everywhere they went. To have this problem solved was a huge relief for its distributors.

There is no such thing as an Essential Bodywear scam at all, and any such claims are totally false. This is a legitimate network marketing business and it has solid leadership from its board.


Essential Bodywear Review – Conclusion.

This Essential Bodywear review gives you the basics of this company. The best network marketing companies are basically judged by how long they have been in operation. As this Essential Bodywear review mentioned earlier the company has been around since 2003 which is a positive sign the company is still going strong as most new MLM companies won’t last the first year.

It is however important to note that simply signing up as a distributor of Essential Bodywear won’t necessarily be enough to achieve solid financial freedom. The home party model has proved very ineffective for a large number of people – and the truth of the direct sales industry is that 97% of people fail, only leaving the 3% that succeed. The truth in reality, is that it doesn’t matter how great your opportunity is if you don’t know how to market that opportunity effectively. Without at least 5-10 quality prospects to speak to every day about your opportunity you will NEVER GROW IT. I personally generate leads online, and I can teach you how to do the same for Essential Bodywear.




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