Who Are Sea Shepherd?


Sea Shepherd 3DWords that come to mind when first seeing the Sea Shepherd logo are ‘tough’, ‘brave’ and ‘possibly illegal’ and this basically sums Sea Shepherd up. If you care about the environment it’s important to support organisations that really do protect and benefit wildlife, rather than just pretend to. Sea Shepherd certainly fit the bill in terms of taking ‘direct action’ to protect the beautiful animals that live in our oceans.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was established in 1977 in Washington USA as an international non-profit organisation committed to marine life conservation. The movement has been reported intervening in seal hunts, disabling whaling vessels at harbor, throwing bottles of smelly gas onto ships at sea, shining laser lights into the eyes of whalers and destroying drift nets. Over the years they have got a reputation for being absolutely relentless in what they do, and truly are an amazing example of taking a stand for an important issue without the use of violence (though they are regularly faced with violent opposition).



The Origins Of Sea Shepherd

Paul WatsonSea Shepherd was started by a man named Paul Watson who was originally involved with Greenpeace. He had a dispute over their lack of more ‘aggressive’ intervention and so started Sea Shepherd as a result.





Just one species on the brink of extinction, even if only in one small corner of the world, can create a negative ripple effect. This is why one of Sea Shepherd’s primary goals is to educate citizens of the world, about the vital role each and every sea creature plays in maintaining the balance. Sea Shepherd have been very focused on Japan’s illegal whaling for years which Japan has called ‘research’. You can read more about this photo taken here.



Sea Shepherd T Shirt

Sea Shepherd is always searching for passionate and brave volunteers, who are dedicated to preserving the balance – and advocating on behalf of the wildlife they protect. Volunteer opportunities range from on-board crew who head out on 30+ day sea missions, to volunteers from around the globe who work within a local chapter to fundraise, educate, generate supplies, and research. If Sea Shepherd’s vision is in-line with yours, get involved at www.seashepherd.org






You can count on Sea Shepherd to continue to be on the front lines of conservation efforts for ocean ecosystems, and endangered species. From protecting natural habitats such as coral reefs, to advocating for humane treatment of Dolphins, Bluefin Tuna, Sea Lions, Sea Birds, Whales, Turtles and more they are one not for profit that is worthy of support.

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